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  Message from President and CEO

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Message from CEO

Clearwater OSAKA Corporation (CWO) was founded as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the City of Osaka in July 2016 with a mission to carry out the comprehensive operation and maintenance work of the city’s whole sewerage system, which had been performed directly by the city.

Although CWO is relatively new with only 5 years of history, we have inherited all the skills and spirits accumulated by the Osaka city government through its over a century-long experience of managing sewerage facilities.

The sewerage systems in Japan are now recognized as indispensable urban infrastructure for creating rich and comfortable water environments and maintaining safe and secure communities. At the same time, demands are high on the essential infrastructure amid growing public concerns, such as possible big earthquakes, frequent powerful storms, and deterioration of aging facilities, and sewerage management organizations have been urged to ramp up their efforts to tackle those concerns. However, many of those organizations are now facing various management challenges, including lack of financial and human resources. While the constant decline in population and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic reduced their revenues, their downsizing efforts resulted in a severe shortage of workforce and also a high proportion of aging workers, which could lead to loss of accumulated skills with not enough young workers to inherit and pass down the intangible assets. The situation is very difficult for those working in this sector.

With this backdrop in mind, our aim is to contribute to the comprehensive solution of the problems associated with the management of sewerage systems. CWO works hard to fulfill every duty based on high-standard of quality control and risk management by utilizing the know-how gained through direct experience in carrying out duties entrusted by Osaka City and also introducing new technologies such as digital transformation into our operation. We believe that all these efforts will enable us to better serve the expectations of our clients.

The novel corona virus pandemic continues with no sign of abating soon, but it cannot stop us from moving forward. We are working at all levels of our organization to enhance our capability and capacity. We develop businesses with new partners nationwide and internationally, provide training services focused on developing specialist skills, and actively take part in advanced research and technology development programs. CWO is firmly determined and continuously striving to become a total solution company that is devoted to ensuring the effectively integrated management of the sewerage systems in and outside Japan.

We hope that the global pandemic will end soon, wish everyone good health, and look forward to your continued support and patronage.

CEO, Clearwater OSAKA Corporation